Time-Lapse and Drone Video of a Large-Scale Solar Array Installation

I had the pleasure of shooting a project this summer for CVE North America that documented the 4-month installation of a 20-acre community solar array in New Marlborough, Massachusetts. It involved installing a camera about 20 feet off of the ground to shoot a photo every 15 minutes or so during the course of the project. We also shot video footage via drone about once a month during the project, using identical flight paths during each month’s shoot by programming the drone to fly between specific GPS waypoints.

TImelapse camera set-up.
Here’s the camera support system we rigged up. It withstood several t-storms with 50+ mph winds so we’re pretty happy with the design!
Drone shot of solar array.
Frame grab from drone video of the solar array installation in New Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Here’s the final video as posted on CVE’s YouTube channel:

As I mentioned in a previous post, I shot some stills of solar installs in western Massachusetts and Lowell, Massachusetts during the winter of 2018/2019 for the Barr Foundation. I’m hoping to shoot more renewable projects this coming year!

Solar panel install.
A PV Squared employee installing solar panels on the roof of a barn in Shelburne, Massachusetts.

I shot both projects with stellar and always reliable Ryan Smith of Rooted In Light Media.


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