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Dawn, rocks, and surf. Wallis Sands State Park, Rye, New Hampshire. (Jerry Monkman)

Marcy and I have done a little on-line housekeeping over the last few weeks. Back in January, I introduced a new photo tips website,, which meant we were maintaining three different websites,,, and Needless to say that seemed a little messy, so last week we said good-bye to, merging it with At the same time we updated the design and navigation of the site, hopefully making it easier for you to find your way around, whether you need information about one of our books, you need to search for stock imagery, or you just want to get a sense of my work through my latest portfolio. We have moved our entire on-line archive of about 10,000 images to the new version of using Photoshelter’s excellent back end for managing the archive, which gives our clients a great interface for finding photos, building lightboxes, sharing those lightboxes, and licensing images.

We have also slightly changed the branding of the site, updating the logo from “EcoPhotography: We Start Where the Road Ends” to “EcoPhotography by Jerry Monkman.” There has always been a little confusion as to who presses the shutter at EcoPhotography, and we thought this change would clear that up. As always, Marcy is very involved in the business side of things, but we wanted to make it clear that when you hire EcoPhotography for commissioned work, that you are hiring me to make the photos and shoot your video.

These changes will also be reflected in the content of this blog. All of my photo tips and tutorials will now be posted over at, while the EcoPhotography blog will focus on my photography projects and conservation photography updates. I look forward to connecting with you here and I hope you’ll stop by often to check out what’s new.

Let me know how you like this changes, and thanks for visiting!



2 thoughts on “The New

  1. Jerry

    Like the new look.

    Interested in your Sept Cape Code workship. Noticed one inconsistency:
    on page 1 you state the fee includes “Lunch on Monday through Thursday”. Yet on the next page under Meals, it states: ” Lunches on Friday and Saturday…”. Assume the latter is a typo?



    • Thanks Greg. It would be great to see you on the Cape – it’s one of my favorite places for a workshop. And yes, lunch is included for Monday through Thursday. I’ll have to fix that typo!

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