Rainy Day Photography Tips

A hiker on a woodland trail in Medfield, Massachusetts. (Jerry and Marcy Monkman/EcoPhoto)

A hiker on a woodland trail in Medfield, Massachusetts.

Rainy Day Photography Tips: If you live in the northeastern U.S. like I do, it lately seems as if it rains every day. Bad weather can be less than inspiring for some photographers, but I love it, especially this time of year when wildflowers are blooming, there are fresh leaves on the trees, and mountain streams are chock full of rushing water. And getting out from behind my computer and out in the woods always lifts my spirits, whether the weather is nice or not. It rained for much of the last two days as I did dome scouting for my upcoming Vermont photo workshop, and it seemed the ideal time to make a quick video with some rainy day photo tips. You can see it below:

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In case you missed it last year, I’ve re-edited another photo tips video I shot for AMC books in Acadia, which you can see below:


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