New Video Projects and a New Video Company

Drone view of Blue Mountain Wilderness Sanctuary in Ryegate, Vermont. Part of a project for Northeast Wilderness Trust.

It’s been a busy year of shooting both stills and video for me. The video component of my business has grown enough in the last few years that I decided this year to create a separate production company to handle that part of my business. And I love shooting video and the challenge of translating the visual elements that make a beautiful photo into compelling video that is part of an even bigger story. The conservation projects I work on these days can seldom be explained with just a photo or two.

The new company is called Reel Quest Films LLC, which I formed in June with my frequent collaborator, Ryan Smith. Ryan has been instrumental in the success of several of my film projects over the last few years, including The Merrimack: River at Risk, and Keystone: Voices for the Little Fish, both of which will be screened at the upcoming New Hampshire Film Festival in October. Ryan and I work great together, and I look forward to working with him on films and videos for many years.

In addition to the above video for Northeast Wilderness Trust, we’ve already produced projects this year for the Appalachian Mountain Club, Maine Rivers and the Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy. You can see some of these new videos (and some old ones) over on our new Reel Quest Films website. Check it our and let me know what you think.


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