From Surviving to Thriving in 2015


Well, 2015 was definitely one of the most unique in my life. January found me healthy after a year-plus battle with cancer. In February, I premiered my first feature-length documentary film. And then it seemed I was off to the races, back to exploring wild places throughout New England for a variety of clients. After spending most of 2014 bouncing back and forth between my couch and the hospital, I found incredible joy in 2015 – hiking to backcountry spots on the Appalachian Trail in Maine, camping with my family in Acadia and on an island on Squam Lake, and making new friends while shooting nearby conservation projects in southern New Hampshire and Maine. I’ve highlighted some of my favorite projects from last year in a 20 page pdf ,which you can download here:

Here’s to a great 2016 everyone!


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