Foliage Photography: Fall Colors are Popping

Ferns and tree trunks in the Wild Gardens of Acadia in Maine's Acadia National Park. (Jerry Monkman)

Ferns and tree trunks in the Wild Gardens of Acadia in Maine

Foliage Photography: I took the above photo during my Acadia workshop last weekend. When we arrived on Friday, there was very little color. Actually, it was the least amount of fall color I have ever seen up there that late in the year. Despite the lack of foliage, we managed to find plenty to shoot, including these beautiful russet-colored ferns in the Wild Gardens of Acadia.

On Tuesday, I drove home only to see beautiful peak foliage  the entire four hour drive. Yesterday, I made another four hour drive, this one up to Pittsburg, New Hampshire to shoot a video interview. The colors were great for much of that drive as well, though it’s past peak at higher elevations in the Whites and north of US 2. I’d say this is the weekend to shoot fall colors in Maine in New Hampshire. I hope you get a chance to get out there!

Need ideas of where to shoot? Check out my book The Colors of Fall Road Trip Guide.

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