Talking about conservation photography on some podcasts.

All roads lead to photography podcasts:) (or Grafton Notch, Maine.)

Like a lot of us, 2020 seemed to have me up against it most of the year. But last year’s f’d upedness is no excuse for me not giving a shout-out to some folks who were kind enough to invite me onto their podcasts to talk about photography, conservation, filmmaking, and my film The Merrimack:River at Risk. So in the ‘it’s never to late’ category of shout-outs, please check out the following folks and their podcasts. I had great fun talking to each of them!

Laura King is an artist from my neck of the woods who has interviewed dozens of fellow artists on her Artists of New England podcast. She definitely asked me some questions I hadn’t heard before or thought about – I love it when I learn something about myself this way!

Doug Sparks has a weekly live podcast, called The 495, which explores all things related to the Merrimack Valley. It was great discussing my film with someone who knew the nitty gritty about the issues.

In October, Matt Payne interviewed me on his F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast. Matt has amassed a collection of close to 200 in-depth interviews with landscape and nature photographers. You can get lost in his podcasts for days while on a road trip. Definitely worth checking out!

OK. I feel I’ve made amends to these generous folks. Give a listen and enjoy!


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