Northern Pass Comments Due April 4th.

The view south towards the White Mountains from North Percy Peak in New Hampshire's Nash Stream State Forest.

These views are all still at risk by the proposed Northern Pass project.

The permitting process for the proposed Northern Pass transmission line project (the subject of my documentary, The Power of Place) is moving forward at both the state and federal levels. The state and the feds held several public hearings during March, where opposing comments outnumbered supporters 2 to 1. Despite the Northern Pass plan to now bury 52 miles of the line around much of the White Mountain National Forests, opponents are still fighting the fact that the remaining 130 miles of transmission lines will be above-ground, impacting wildlife, property values, and views such as those pictured above.

The opportunity to place a comment with the US Department of Energy ends on Monday, April 4th. The Appalachian Mountain Club has prepared a web page that details the public comment process and their view on Northern Pass here:

If you have yet to publicly comment about this issue, now is the time!


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