New England Spring Nature Photos from Conservation Projects

Drone view of valley fog in the Connecticut River valley. New Hampshire/Vermont.

Photos of Spring Forests

I spent much more time shooting forested nature scenes this spring than during the past few years. What a joy! The spring forest colors this year were really vibrant and at times it looked like fall out there. I actually had to dial down the saturation of some photos out of the camera because they didn’t look real. As of June 1st, there were still some higher elevations in northern New England that hadn’t leafed out, but for the most part the big spring color show has ended. That said, the leaves on our deciduous trees are still a vibrant spring green in color that will slowly darken to forest green over the next few weeks.

Spring foliage in the Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Despite its fall appearance, I shot the above photo on May 19th in the far northern Green Mountains. Early morning light contributed to the warm tones in the photo. Here are a few more spring nature photos:

Spring colors in Milton, New Hampshire.
Mature northern red oak trees in Parsonfield, Maine.

Conservation Projects

All of these photos are from a variety of conservation photo and video projects I’ve been shooting this spring. I’m being a little vague about their locations, because the projects, while likely to be completed, are still being negotiated. All of the projects (located in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont) are striving to protect significant forested landscapes that are adjacent to other protected lands, creating contiguous habitats that are essential for plant and wildlife biodiversity.

A small stream in the Connecticut River valley in New Hampshire.
A green frog, Rana clamitans, in a vernal pool in Newfields, New Hampshire.
Spring cascade in the northern Green Mountains.

Forest photography in the spring is unique due to the vibrant colors and also the fact that more light makes it through the canopy as the trees are still growing their leaves. It makes for lighting opportunities you don’t see for much of the year.

Morning dew on false hellebore, Vermont.
Red columbine, Aquilegia canadenis, in a forest in Parsonfield, Maine.
A lowbush blueberry blooms among various species of lichen on a rock ledge in North Walpole, New Hampshire.
Red trillium, Trillium erectum, in a forest in Parsonfield, Maine.

To see more of my conservation photos, check out my conservation portfolio, or this blog post from last year:

Reel Quest Films

Some of these projects were part of film projects I’m working on for the video side of my life at Reel Quest Films. Lost of new work to share over there soon from these projects.

On to summer!

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