National Outdoor Book Award!

National Outdoor Book Award

AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography wins a National Outdoor Book Award.

I’m honored to have received the news this week that my book, The AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography has been named a winner in the Instructional Category in the 2012 National Outdoor Book Awards!

Here’s what they had to say about the book: “If you’ve been prospecting for just the right book on outdoor digital photography, look no further.  You’ll strike pay dirt with this new Appalachian Mountain Club guide.  Accomplished photographer Jerry Monkman who has worked for a variety of national outdoor and wildlife magazines, nicely elaborates on the subject in one easily readable and visually instructive book.  The book covers equipment, lenses, lighting, composition, exposure, and processing software.  The text is supplemented with case studies and expert advice.  This is outdoor photography after all, and Monkman doesn’t leave out suggestions on taking photos in adverse weather.  You’ll find plenty to be mined from this fine reference, and you won’t even need a pick and shovel.”

To celebrate the award, I’ll be offering free shipping on the book through the end of 2012 if you order the book through my website here:


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