Maine Tourism Awards

A woman paddles a canoe in Perch Pond in Aroostook County, Maine. Deboullie Public Reserve Land.

Please excuse this quick moment of bragging. A commercial tourism project I collaborated on in 2018 with Thalo Blue Destination Marketing and Aroostook County Tourism was awarded the 2020 Maine Tourism Marketing & Promotion Award. In the summer of 2018 we shot for the Aroostook County Tourism guide, producing a piece titled “Headin’ ‘upta Camp.” We spent a couple of nights at Red River Camps in the Deboullie Public Reserve Land – one of those amazing places in Maine I never heard of before, but well worth the visit! You can actually see me (along with my partners in crime) talking about the project in the video piece below:

2020 Maine Tourism Marketing & Promotion Award from Maine Video Marketing on Vimeo.

Thanks to Eric Bailey of Maine Video Marketing for putting this video together, and doing it in a much different format than planned in the thick of the Covid-19 outbreak!



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