Hot off the press – Discover the White Mountains, 2nd Edition.

A canoe on the shoreline of Pond of Safety in the Randolph Community Forest. in New Hampshire's White Mountains. (Jerry and Marcy Monkman)A canoe on the shoreline of Pond of Safety in the Randolph Community Forest. in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. (Jerry and Marcy Monkman)

We got a surprise package in the mail today – 20 copies of the new 2nd edition of our guidebook, “Discover the White Mountains.” We were not expecting to see these for another month or so, but here they are and they look great!  Besides the snazzy new cover, this new edition features a bunch of new trips that we researched last year and redesigned in-text trip maps that are much easier to read than the first edition, which came out in the summer of 2001. Here’s the description from the back of the book:

“With 1,200 miles of trails, breathtaking mountain views, abundant
wildlife, quiet lakes, and the highest peaks in the Northeast, the
White Mountains of New Hampshire offer an abundance of outdoor
activities to fit all recreational interests and abilities. This
fully-revised and updated guide from the Appalachian Mountain Club
includes 50 of the best hikes, mountain bike rides, and paddling spots,
highlighting everything from short walks to more challenging day-long
adventures. Included in the book are hikes along the Appalachian Trail
and up to the summit of Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the
Northeast. Bike the Franconia Notch bike trail or go paddling in
Chocorua Lake. Inside you’ll find trip descriptions for 25 hikes, 15
bike trips, and 10 quiet water and whitewater paddling trips. They
include level of difficulty, distance, elevation, and trip time. Nature
notes and “how-to” tips provide additional context for the outdoor
traveler. Improved locator and detailed maps will aid you in planning
your next outdoor adventure in the Whites.”

If you need to be the first on your block to have this book, our website is in the only place you can get it for the time being (it’s not even on the AMC Books website yet.)  It will be at least a month before it arrives at Amazon and  Here’s the link to order your signed copy today:

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