Conservation Video: A Victory for Clean Water

Conservation Video: The Connecticut River in Hartford, Connecticut.

The Connecticut River in Hartford, Connecticut.

Election day brought a victory for clean water in Connecticut with voters overwhelmingly supporting a ballot initiative that funds a clean water project in Hartford by a margin of 3 to 1. Approval for funding for the Clean Water Project will allow Phase II of this project to move forward, continuing construction that will increase the capacity of the local waste water treatment plant, while separating the sewer and storm water systems in the city and surrounding communities. Currently, raw sewage flows into the Connecticut River more than 50 times a year when as little as one quarter inch of rain falls on the area. The Clean Water Project aims to rectify this problem, making the river and some of its tributaries cleaner for both wildlife and recreation.

To help get out the vote the Connecticut River Watershed Council asked me to produce a series of videos supporting the Clean Water Project.

You can see all of the videos on my Vimeo page here:



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