A Short Video Update to The Power of Place

Sunshine breaks through the White Mountains as seen from Weeks State Park in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

The last week or so has seen several public hearings on the Northern Pass issue in New Hampshire with the last scheduled hearing being held tomorrow night (March 16) in Deerfield. Thus far public comments at the hearings are leaning heavily towards opposition to Northern Pass (by about 3 to 1 at last night’s hearing in Plymouth.) If you are at all interested in this issue I suggest you read up on the issue and make a comment (in person tomorrow in Deerfield or in written form.) The Society for the Protection of NH Forests has all the details on how to get involved on their website: https://www.forestsociety.org/advocacy-issue/northern-pass.  Other sources of info include the Appalachian Mountain Club website, the No to Northern Pass Facebook page, and the official Northern Pass website.

If you’ve watched The Power of Place, you’ve probably figured out that I’m opposed to Northern Pass, and my opposition hasn’t changed despite what I consider some improvements in the Northern Pass proposal. Since that proposal has changed since I made The Power of Place, I’ve put together this short 3 minute update film to help viewers of the film understand how the issue has changed since I released the film a year ago. I hope you’ll watch it and share it with others interested in the Northern Pass issue:


The Power of Place 2016 Update on Northern Pass from Jerry Monkman on Vimeo.


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