Recent Conservation Projects.

Stonehouse Pond in Barrington, New Hampshire. (Jerry and Marcy Monkman)

Stonehouse Pond in Barrington, New Hampshire. (Jerry and Marcy Monkman)

You may have noticed my frequency of posting dropped way down for a few months there – hopefully you missed me!  We had a huge (and much appreciated) glut of work from August through October.  We shot big projects for New Hampshire State Parks and New Hampshire Travel and Tourism, and we started work on a new fall foliage book (more about those projects will be forthcoming in future posts.)  I also led a photo tour in the White Mountains and completed several days of shooting conservation projects for the Trust for Public Land and the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (and I sneaked into Manhattan for three days for a great event called Picturehouse.)

I’m still trying to get out from under the mountains of images on my hard drive that need processing, but in the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this slideshow of images from some of the conservation projects I shot during this time frame.  Here it is:

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