Earth Under Fire – EcoPhotography by Gary Braasch

The current issue of Outdoor Photographer has a nice article featuring the work of environmental journalist and photographer, Gary Braasch.  Here’s the link:

I’ve known Gary for more than a decade now, having co-chaired NANPA‘s Environment Comittee with him for a few years, and he has served as an inspiration to me ever since I met him at a NANPA summit in Corpus Christi.  He is well known for his environmental photography, having photographed stories for all of the major magazines that cover nature and the environment.  His dedication to documenting the truth about how we are affecting our environment is unsurpassed in my estimation.  A few years ago, he helped create the International League of Conservation Photographers.

His book Earth Under Fire is the culmination of a decade of work, traveling the globe documenting the reality of climate change, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is concerned about global warming or still on the fence about its human causes and impacts.  It is full of eye-opening facts and compelling photography.  Here is a link to his website about the book:

His photography website is here:

Go get inspired!

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