AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography – A National Outdoor Book Award Winner

NOBA medalWinner of a 2012 National Outdoor Book Award, the AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography, by Jerry Monkman takes you through the steps you’ll need to take great nature and adventure photos. Drawing on his 15 years of experience shooting assignments in the outdoors for some of the country’s best-known conservation organizations, Jerry details both his field shooting techniques and the workflow he uses in the digital darkroom to optimize his images. He also discusses the gear you will need as well as how to keep that gear safe and operational while shooting in adverse weather conditions. The AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography concludes with 15 “before and after” case studies, where Jerry discusses the techniques (both in the field and in the computer) that he used to create each individual photo, followed by a Digital Photography Resources Guide.

Praise for the AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography:

“If you’ve been prospecting for just the right book on outdoor digital photography, look no further.  You’ll strike pay dirt with this new Appalachian Mountain Club guide.  Accomplished photographer Jerry Monkman who has worked for a variety of national outdoor and wildlife magazines, nicely elaborates on the subject in one easily readable and visually instructive book.  The book covers equipment, lenses, lighting, composition, exposure, and processing software.  The text is supplemented with case studies and expert advice.  This is outdoor photography after all, and Monkman doesn’t leave out suggestions on taking photos in adverse weather.  You’ll find plenty to be mined from this fine reference, and you won’t even need a pick and shovel. “

National Outdoor Book Awards

“As a long-time contributor to Outdoor Photographer magazine, Jerry Monkman is a master craftsman of nature photography who has a special talent for describing both the technical and the creative aspects of taking pictures. In this guide, he does a superb job of showing you how to bridge the elusive gap between the science and the art of taking pictures that go beyond snapshots.”

Christopher Robinson
Editor, Outdoor Photographer Magazine

“Accomplished nature photographer Jerry Monkman brings us an accessible digital photography guide filled with helpful tips and techniques to use both out in the field and in post production.”

Heather Marcus
Photo Editor, Yankee Magazine

“In the AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography, Jerry Monkman shares his many tips and techniques to help us focus on what nature presents to us, through the lens of our own cameras. Editing Jerry’s images over the years has shown me that not only does he have a strong bond with nature, but he also communicates that vision to all of us. By capturing the essence of the great outdoors, he’s able to open our eyes to the beauty and fragility of nature and demonstrate the importance of protecting it. The ideas and experiences he conveys in this book will give us new tools that we can take into the great outdoors as we venture into our own favorite and unexplored hideaways, using our unique vision and newfound skills to capture a special moment in time.”

Danita Delimont
CEO, Danita Delimont Stock Photography and the 2009 ASPP Picture Professional of the Year

“Jerry Monkman is a member of the latest generation of nature photographers who has incorporated the techniques of the past with the new digital technology that has exploded onto the photography scene. Jerry is more than just an extraordinary photographer; he is also a passionate explorer of wild places. In his new book, Jerry shares with us the techniques he uses both in the field and in the digital darkroom to create images of nature that speak from the heart. Whether you are just beginning the wonderful journey into nature photography or you are a seasoned pro, this book will prove invaluable.”

Jim Clark
Contributing Editor, Outdoor Photographer Magazine


“Jerry Monkman is simply a great photographer and teacher. He has a gift for making complex subjects easy to understand, and reading this book is like having a master photographer at your side, coaching you at every step as you take your comprehensive course in outdoor photography.”

Michael Frye
Author of Digital Landscape Photography: In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams and the Great Masters.

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