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2 thoughts on “Successful Payment

  1. Jerry,

    Great film! We just finished watching it and hope that “Live free” part is the slogan will win.

    I just ordered another copy of the DVD to be sent to my in-laws who live in New Hampshire and quite active in politics.

    Thank you and all who worked on the film for wonderful work.


  2. Thank you for making a personal touch outreach using photography and the voices of people to show the impact.
    I just ordered the DVD based on the preview I watched on your facebook.

    My family helped preserve some land which is now the Lamontagne Wildlife Management Area.
    This land in Deerfield is adjacent to where the substation for the Northern Pass Project will tie in.
    I am greatly concerned with the Lamontagne WMA being greatly affected by this project.

    And I feel very sad to think of how our beautiful state will be desecrated.
    It is time for us humans to move beyond the dollar and realize we cannot replace Nature. We must SAVE HER.
    Live Free or Die


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